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Paris Tips


Supermarkets in Paris are modern and abundant in Paris, loaded with a mix of basic and gourmet products for you to explore. There are several major chains, including Monoprix, Franprix, CarrefourG20 and Dia. Below is information about supermarkets located near the various apartments on the site. Many supermarkets now do not provide shopping bags, so you can either pay for one at the check-out, or bring your own from home. Don't forget: You'll need to bag your own groceries in the check-out line.

Near Caulaincourt: Right downstairs from the apartmentyou'll find a well-stocked Franprix open every day of the week! (Open Sunday until noonish.)

Near Modern Montmartre: Just walk out the door to the right to rue Lepic and you'll see the G20 supermarket down the hill on your right and the neighborhood Huit à 8 just across the street on rue Lepic. And of course, rue Lepic itself offers fresh food galore. If you prefer Monoprix, keep walking down rue Lepic and you'll find it at Place Blanche.

Near Douai Terrace: Around the corner on rue Vintimille, you'll find a small Franprix with all the basics. If you need a larger selection, just head to Place Blanche to the Monoprix. Remember, the food is located downstairs in this Monoprix. Of course, rue Lepic is just a 3-minute walk, so you can also shop at fresh, specialty stores as well.

Near Dunkerque & Anvers Loft: Just down rue Dunkerque you'll find the Franprix supermarket on the right, and a bit further down on the left you'll find the Dia supermarket. There is also a large Carrefour market on Boulevard de Clichy between metros Blanche and Anvers. 

Near Fontaine Modern: Can't get much closer than the brand-new G20 supermarket, located between these two apartments on rue Fontaine. Or, head north to Place Blanche to the Monoprix. The Monoprix also offers good variety at Place Blanche (right near the metro Blanche.) Just remember the grocery store is downstairs, while clothing and household goods are upstairs. Monoprix is open until 10 p.m. and closed on Sunday.

Near Marcadet 1 & Marcadet 2: Head down the street to Franprix, about a two-minute walk away from the apartments on rue Marcadet. There is also a Monoprix around the corner on rue Vauvenargues and another Franprix at the corner of Lamarck and Damremont.

Near Steinkerque: The closest mini supermarkets aren't very large, but they are at least very close! If you walk out the door and to your left, on rue D'Orsel you have A2Pas (Auchon supermarket chain) to your left and Huit à 8 to your right. If you walk out the door and to your right and take a left at the base Sacre Coeur, there is a new Monop' (a mini-Monoprix) which has essentials and prepared food items. For more serious food shopping, visit the large Carrefour at 63 Boulevard de Rochechouart, about a 5-minute walk.

Specialty Supermarkets

Picard - What is Picard? It's a frozen food supermarket. Why would you want to eat frozen food on vacation? Because Picard is an unique culinary adventure and the choices are absolutely nothing like US frozen food! Their products are delicious and seasonal: tartes, appetizers, main courses, meats, desserts, sauces, herbs - you can even get escargot loaded up with garlic butter sauce in the shell; just heat it up. Some items, like their desserts, only need to be defrosted. Browse "Le Catalogue" and check out the selection: The closest location is just off rue Lepic, the shopping street that heads north from Place Blanche. Walk up rue Lepic and turn left on rue Cauchois: 1 rue Cauchois.

Naturalia - For those with special dietary needs or who seek a larger selection of organic food and health products, check out Naturalia. There is large Naturalia at 43 Boulevard de Clichy, just beyond the Monoproix at Place Blanche. There is another  smaller Naturalia at 41 rue Lepic in the 18th.

Bio c'Bon - This is another option for those with special dietary needs or who seek a larger selection of organic food and health products. There is one just around the corner from the two rue Marcadet apartments at 226 rue Championnet, and another in the 9th arrondissement at 9 Place Pigalle.


While we encourage travelers to make their own culinary discoveries in the neighborhood and beyond, here are a few neighborhood favorites to research and get you started:

Le Petit Lyon
24 rue de Vintimille, 9th arrondissement
01 45 26 31 19
Very simple, family-run bistro - a dying breed. Inexpensive, packed with locals at lunchtime.

Le Bon Georges
45 rue Saint-Georges, 9th arrondissement
01 48 78 40 30
Good quality French food, friendly atmosphere.

Les Saisons
52 Rue Lamartine, 9th arrondissement
01 48 78 15 18
Great lunch specials at this neighborhood bistro. Friendly, family-run.

Les Arlots
136 rue Faubourg Poissonniere, 10th arrondissement
01 42 82 92 01
Great neighborhood bistro, lunch is a serious bargain. Staff is friendly and speaks English.

Restaurant Albion
80 rue Faubourg Poissonniere, 10th arrondissement
01 42 46 02 44
Lovely bistro and wine bar, friendly owners, creative cuisine, excellent fish options

Les Bonnes Soeurs
42 Avenue Trudaine, 9th arrondissement
01 42 74 55 80
Neighborhood spot, casual & family-friendly. Nutella mousse is a hit with kids!

Marcel et Clementine
74 rue Dunkerque
01 40 37 91 6
Neighborhood bistro, downstairs from Dunkerque apartment and around the corner from Anvers.

Restaurant Comptoir Canailles

47 rue Rodier, 9th arrondissement
01 53 20 95 56
Fantastic fresh meats and exceptional quality seasonal dishes.

Comme Chez Maman
5 rue des Moines, 17th arrondissement
01 42 28 89 53
Get your hearty French food fix here. A true neighborhood gem. Everyone leaves satisfied!!

151 bis rue Cardinet, 17th arrondissement
01 42 26 55 55
Excellent modern French food. A must for foodies. Reserve.

Markets & Market Streets

Rue Lepic (18th) - Daily - Although this street was made famous by the movie "Amelie" and the café where the movie was shot (Café des 2 Moulins), it still offers plenty of good food and window shopping as you head up to rue des Abbesses. Several green grocers line the street as you head up the hill, along with a fromagerie, butchers, patisseries, two chocolate shops, a wine store, and a fish monger.

Rue des Martyrs (9th) - Daily - The New York Times calls it "a slice of village life," and rue des Martyrs certainly has all the Parisian atmosphere you could want along with tasty treats pulling you in every direction. You can find prepared food to-go as well: Italian, Greek, Corsican! Several cafes line the street in case you need a break.

Les Batignolles "BIO" Organic Market (17th) - Saturday Mornings - Along the median on Blvd. des Batignolles, just off Place de Clichy, you'll find stalls filled with delicious organic meats, cheeses, veggies, jams and honeys. Get there early to enjoy the atmosphere and find everything you'll need for a healthy meal.

Place d'Anvers Market (9th) - Friday Afternoons - A great traditional open-air market held on Friday afternoon around the park at Square d'Anvers, right by metro Anvers. Great ambiance and savory treats abound. Perfect for late-sleepers - it starts at 3:30!

Rue Ordoner Market (18th) - Wednesday & Saturday Mornings - A completely un-touristy, typically Parisian weekly neighborhood food market. Located on rue Ordoner between rue Montcalm and rue Championnet, guests staying at Marcadet 1 or Marcadet 2 should definitely wander through for fresh French food finds.

Avenue de St. Ouen (18th) - From the Guy Moquet metro station and then head north on Avenue de St. Ouen and you'll find a fantastic market street filled with wonderful fresh food finds at very good prices. Fish, meat, cheese, bread, flowers - you name it, it's here! There is also a shopping center which includes a large Carrefour supermarket and a Picard - the passage to this shopping area is found at 102 avenue de St. Ouen - just before the flower shop.

Rue du Poteau (18th) - This street (near metro Jules Joffrin) has some wonderful fresh food vendors - including excellent cheese and bread. The fresh vegetable selection is also outstanding. Great village ambiance.

Barbès Rochechouart Market (18th) - Wednesday & Saturday Mornings - Just east of the Barbès Rochechouart metro stop on Boulevard de la Chapelle, you can adventure into the culinary heart of multi-cultural Paris and experience the intriguing smells and overwhelming variety of the cuisines of North Africa. Great produce prices - stock up! Be daring, discover new foods and spices, too. But be warned, the crowds are tremendous - watch your toes and feet for people rolling caddies filled with goodies in every direction! 

Concierge Services

Frenchy Rentals recommends Sasha and her team at Savoir Faire Paris for personalized Paris planning.

Savoir Faire Paris is your ultimate English-speaking Parisian insider. Sasha and her team can help you organize your dream trip with restaurant recommendations and reservations, airport transportation, ticket purchases and even full itinerary planning. Providing superior customized service to individuals, families and businesses alike, Savoir Faire caters to its clients’ tastes and needs, allowing them to experience a more personalized Paris.

Savoir Faire Paris offers some pre-selected experiences for their clients as well. Here are some of their most popular packages:


Spend the day exploring Paris through the eyes of a child. Start the day off with an animated tour of Parisian history with an expert guide who will engage the whole family with stories and games as you explore the ancient streets and sights of the city.

Pop into a cosy casual eatery to fuel up before heading to the underground tunnels of Paris. Explore Paris from underground with the surprisingly clean sewer tour. Interesting history and real fun for the whole family.

Grab a cup of Paris’ most famous hot cocoa (three different kinds!) before making your way to a private cooking class for the whole family. You will learn the secrets of the Macaroon and make some to take home.

*Also included: A list of activities, shops and restaurants adapted to children throughout Paris to discover throughout your stay.


Start your day off by your choice of cooking class in the heart of Montmartre. Learn the secrets behind french bread and pastry making from some of Paris’ best culinary chefs. The class lasts 3-3.5 hours (depending on your choice) and afterwards you can head directly to your lunch reservation at one of Paris’ hottest culinary neo-bistros. We will supply you with a list of Paris’ newest gastronomic eateries to choose from.

After lunch, your guide will meet you there for your choice of culinary afternoon tour. Eat your way through a Parisian neighborhood discovering chocolate, new trends in Parisian cuisine and more with the guided help of a foodie expert.

End your day relaxing while a personal chef cooks you a gourmet French meal in your luxurious Time and Place apartment. You have a choice of a 3-course menu or a 7 course tasting-menu. Both come with wine pairings. The menu will be designed in advance with your choices and you can kick back and relax and watch the master chef create your dinner with a perfectly paired glass of wine.

*Also included: A list of culinary shops and specialty stores throughout Paris to discover throughout your stay.


Spend the morning with your very own Paris Personal Shopper. Your personal shopping guide will work with you in advance to design your perfect shopping day. You will devour these hand-picked shops with your personal shopper and you will come out dressed to impress even the most prestigious Parisian fashionistas!

*Also included is a list of some of Paris’ most unique shopping experiences.



Many visitors come to Paris and to France to savor the amazing selection of wine available. For some travelers, wine can be an intimidating subject. The good news is you can purchase it at any supermarket, and this is a great way to start getting to know the types of wines available here in France without investing a lot of money. You'll probably come to agree with us that wine is actually a great bargain and doesn't have to be expensive to be enjoyable!

If you need help selecting wine, you can always stop by a neighborhood Nicolas wine shop. These stores are a chain and all the employees go through rigorous training and are normally more than happy to help you if you have questions. Normally, the store on rue Lepic has an employee who speaks some English. 

Another option is to go to a local independent wine store. These stores are smaller and offer excellent service - you can really feel their enthusiasm about wine! Here are two of our favorites:

Terroir & Nature (near Douai Terrace, Fontaine Modern & Fontaine Classic)
22 rue de Douai, 9th arrondissement

Les Grandes Caves (near Damremont, Marcadet 1 & 2)
63 rue Damremont, 18th arrondissement

But what if you want to learn about French wine IN ENGLISH? Have no fear! Local cooking school Cook'n With Class offers several wine classes taught by our friend, American wine expert Preston Mohr. There is an in-depth wine class, as well as a wine and cheese class. What's even better is these classes are offered to you at a 20% discount - just tell them Paula at Frenchy Rentals sent you.

And if it's champagne you love (like Paula!) then you might ask about their weekly champagne day tour led by Preston. The tour includes everything, from the visits to the champagne houses, to your train ticket and a multi-course lunch! Contact Preston at Cook'n With Class for more details:

Preston also has a new website and will provide private wine-tastings at your own vacation apartment! Visit his site for more information at Paris By the Glass

Airport Transportation

Guests often ask the best way to get from the airport to the apartment. We give them one simple answer: a taxi.

Here are a few reasons to take a taxi directly to the apartment instead of public transportation:

  • There is an official taxi line outside of each terminal, making it easy to get out of the airport as quickly as possible.
  • Taking public transportation takes about twice as long as taking a taxi. Remember to consider the time it takes to get to the train station within the airport, purchasing your ticket, waiting for the train, and then making metro connections once you are actually in Paris. 
  • Carrying anything more than hand luggage through the airport, turnstiles, up and down stairs is a huge pain and much more so when jet-lagged.
  • A taxi will cost about 50-60 Euros from the airport to most of the Frenchy Rentals apartments, depending on the number of passengers in the taxi and the amount of traffic. Public transportation costs 10 Euros per person, so if you are traveling in a group, a taxi can be economical.  

How to take a taxi from the airport:

  • After collecting your bags as passing through customs, follow the signs to the official taxi line just outside the arrival terminal.
  • Do not accept rides from anyone soliciting you as you walk to the taxi line.
  • Get in the offiical taxi line - there will be an airport employee at the front of the line to make sure travelers find the proper sized vehicle for their travel group and amount of luggage. The airport employee can also call a taxi from another part of the airport if a van or larger vehicle is needed.
  • The amount you pay will be shown on the meter. The only additional charges added to the meter will be: 1 Euro per bag in the trunk (not always charged); 3 Euros for every passenger beyond the third passenger.  

It can make sense to take public transportation from the airport in these cases:

  • If you are alone and on a budget.
  • If you are not jet-lagged and have very light luggage.
  • If you are familiar with the public transportation system and/or have taken this route into Paris before.

If you need a taxi to take you from the apartment to the airport on your way back:

  • Call G7 Taxi's English reservation line the day before your departure and make a reservation. The phone number is: 01 41 27 66 99. Dial this number as printed from Paris to arrange for your taxi. They will give you a confirmation number. The reservation may cost 5 Euros if you need the taxi during the peak rush-hour period.
  • This information is also in the Welcome Book in your Frenchy Rentals apartment. 

Public Transportation:  Using the Metro

The metro is a super speedy way to get around Paris. You'll learn how to use it quickly - it's a snap!

Closest Metro Lines: All of the Frenchy Rentals apartments within a short walk of metro stations on the No. 2 line (blue), the No. 12 line (green) and/or the No. 13 (light blue) metro lines. For example, the Constance apartment is near the Blanche metro stop (Line 2) and the Abbesses metro stop (Line 12). Once you know where you are headed, it's easy to pick the station that puts you on the most direct path to your destination.

You can view an overview of the entire metro system map here:
You can view maps of each line here:
Metro Line 2
Metro Line 12
Metro Line 13

Metro & Bus Tickets
You can buy a single ticket, an unlimited tourist pass (Paris Visite) or a carnet of 10 tickets. You can also attempt to buy the Navigo Decouverte - which is a weekly pass that runs only from Monday to Sunday. (It is less expensive than the Paris Visite pass, so they are sometimes reluctant to sell it to tourists.) Paris Visite passes are valid for 1, 3 and 5 day periods and include unlimited bus and metro use within Paris. The Navigo Decouverte pass offers unlimited bus and metro use for a weekly period (or a month as well), but it is valid only Monday through Sunday. This pass also is rechargable, so they charge you 5 Euros for the card itself, plus the weekly fee to charge it up. All tickets/passes work on the bus and metro.

Using the Metro
If you have a ticket, you will place it in the machine to get into the metro tunnels, and it will pop out the top of the machine. Reclaim your ticket, and even if it is a one-time use ticket, do not throw it away until after you have exited the metro at your destination. If it is a multi-use ticket (Paris Visite) then you need to keep it because it can be reused. If you have a Navigo pass, you'll swipe it over the purple swirl symbol as you pass through the turnstyle and it will make a "ding" sound once it's validated. The metro system is divided into lines, and you chose the direction in which you want to head by going in the direction of the last stop on the line.

Example of a Metro Ride
If you pick up the metro near the apartment at the stop St. George (12 line) and want to head north toward Montmartre to the metro stop Abbesses, you would take the 12 metro line two stops, in the direction of Porte de la Chapelle, which is the last stop on the line in the direction you are headed. If you wanted to go in the other direction, you would follow the signs that say Mairie d'Issy, which is the opposite end of the line toward the south of the city.

To Change Metro Lines
You will make a "correspondence" or connection to the line you need. For example, perhaps you want to go to the Napoleon's Tomb at Invalides. So, from the St. George stop you would take the 12 metro line toward Mairie d'Issy. Then get off the train at the stop St. Lazare, and make your "correspondence," taking the 13 metro line toward Chatillon-Montrouge, and exit the metro at the stop Invalides.

Public Transportation:   Using the Bus

Using the Bus: A lot of people are intimidated by the city buses and would rather  take the metro even if the trip would be quicker and easier - and certainly more scenic - by bus. The same ticket/pass you use for the metro is also used on the  bus. Just stick the ticket in the machine as soon as you get on, take your ticket back and ride. If you have a Navigo pass, you'll swipe it over the purple swirl symbol as you get on the bus and it will make a "ding" sound once it's validated. Press any of the red buttons on the poles inside the bus to alert the driver that you want to get off at the next stop.

Closest Bus Stops: The closest bus stops will depend which apartment you have rented, but generally you will have several bus lines running near your apartment. The 74, 68, 30, 67, 95 and 80 are all within a short walk. Additionally, the stop for the Montmartrobus shuttle bus is located right next to the 67 bus stop.

You can click on the bus number below to see the full bus route:

74 - Getting to sites in the ancient center of the city, including Notre Dame cathedral and the trendy Marais, couldn’t be any easier on the 74. Pick it up near the Moulin Rouge and take it to the very end to the steps of Hôtel de Ville and BHV department store. Just ride until the end of the line!

68 -  The 68 takes a southern route past the Opera Garnier and department stores Galleries Lafayette and Le Printemps. After passing by the Louvre, the bus will cross the river and on past the Musée d’Orsay. The 68 then cuts through the chic St.-Germain-des-Pres area.

67 - This scenic line heads south past the Louvre and Hotel de Ville into the center of the city and then cuts right through the ancient and picturesque Île de la Cité before continuing on into the 5th arrondissement.

Montmartrobus - This very small city bus is the only one that navigates the tiny streets of Montmartre. A very short route, but helpful to those who need help with steep streets but still want to explore Montmartre.

30 - This bus runs west past Parc Monceau before stopping at the edge of the Arc de Triomphe, continuing on to Trocadero and the Eiffel Tower at the end of the line! By taking the 30 bus in the opposite direction, major train connections are a breeze because the 30 bus takes you to Gare de l’Est and Gare du Nord.

95 - This fantastic bus runs every day of the week until after midnight, and takes you past the Opera Garnier, Galleries Lafayette, Louvre and on through St. Germain de Pres and the Montparnasse neighborhood. As an added bonus, the end of the 95 line at Porte de Vanves is a great flea market on the weekend.

80 - Headed to the Eiffel Tower? The 80 bus line crosses the river Seine at Pont De L’Alma and stops within a short walk to one of the world’s most popular attractions. Just a bit farther south of the sparkling Eiffel Tower, the 80 line runs next to the impressive Ecole Militaire. The 80 line, much like the 95, runs every day until a little after midnight.

For More Information

If you would like more information about the RATP public transportation system, routes, intineraries, maps, tickets, passes and prices, you can visit their site: - for English, click on the British flag in the upper right hand corner or click on this link:

The RATP provides much more content and information on the French site than on the English one, which is designed exclusively for tourists.  If you can't find what you need on the English version, go to the French home page instead.

The RATP also has free smartphone applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Flea Markets

Our favorite flea market in Paris is the Puce de Vanves at Porte de Vanves for the best vibe and best bargains! Take Metro Line 13 or the 95 Bus to Porte de Vanves, and you are sure to find items you can afford and actually bring home in your suitcase! You'll find a good bit of junk here, in the best sense of the word. Kitchen stuff, old pictures, trinkets, small ceramic items, jewelry, records, wallets, clothing, stuff and things. Every weekend, try to arrive by 10 a.m. or so. Located at Avenues Georges Lafenestre and Marc Sangnier

If you want to visit the largest, most famous flea market in Paris, just take the Metro Line 4 to Porte de Clignancourt, and after a short walk you're there at the legendary Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen! It's huge and impressive. 

If you're interested in a personal flea market tours, contact our friend Gwen Evans, owner of Paris Found, who organizes small group tours of the flea markets of Paris. For more than a decade, Gwen has been scouring Paris for bargains and shopping secrets, and she is sure to help you find some new treasures to take home! 

Movie Theaters

For film lovers, you'll find a multi-screen movie theater called Pathé at Place de Clichy in the 18th offering the latest films, including some of the recent English-language releases from the US. They  typically offer an original version (look for the letters “VO”)  if you want to watch the film in English or a dubbed version in French (“VF”). Check out what's showing here: - chose “Paris 18 - Pathé Wepler”

If you're looking for a more intimate, art house movie experience, try Studio 28 on 10 rue Thozolé in the 18th - all their films are in the original version. Less expensive than the big theaters, and they even have a bar! 


If you want to incorporate your workout into your vacation, joggers will be in heaven at the sprawling, beautiful Parc Monceau in the 8th arrondissement  - the perfect place for a walk or run. The light runner will find that the 1-kilometer track that circles the park is great for staying in shape while on the road. Parc Monceau also a wonderful  place to relax with family and friends! Benches line the park in all directions and green space in the middle and along the sides making the park a perfect place for a picnic. There is a also large kids play area, a snack bar, and pony rides in the summer season. The park is located in the 8th arrondissement on the 2 Metro line at Metro stop: Monceau.